Vice Chairman's Message

Engineering has always a promising future as it had always been. Right from breath taking Skyscrapers to awe inspiring Artificial Intelligence, Engineering dominates our everyday life. I believe that students must be imparted with a greater knowledge of engineering so that a sustainable awesome future waits for them. Our College makes that a priority; students are taught with state of the art classes and laboratories and ensure that their dream of better prospective future is realized. The College has a full time functional Placement Cell that has placed its students in well reputed companies of the Country.

The Students are provided with corporate trainings every year to help them in their work after the completion of their studies. We also offer postgraduate courses in Civil and Mechanical engineering disciplines so that our students can study higher in their field and incorporate a great amount of knowledge which will help them to work a lot better in their field.

Wish you a very happy Campus life at our College!

Vice Chairman