Rock & Soil Mechanics Research Centre (RSMRC)


Our mission is to create research in the areas of rock and soil mechanics and development in that field. The vision is responsive with quality and innovation.


  • Performance of Research, Testing and Design work in the field of engineering and geological surveys.
  • Testing and reliable information on the composition and properties of objects in the area of engineering-geological surveys, in accordance with the evidence evaluation of laboratory measurements.
  • Compliance with the test procedures in accordance with the regulations and the setting up of new research methods in accordance with the goals and objective.
  • Consulting and training in the organization of seminars, courses, advanced training and retraining of specialists in the field of research at the Laboratory.

Research Topics

Research Title Students Name Year / Semester
Soil stabilization using Nano Sized particles S. Anandha kumar II / 3 rd
Soil stabilization using Coconut fibers N. Karthik II / 3 rd
Stabilization of Black Cotton soil using Natural materials & Admixtures R. Oviya II / 3 rd