Department of Science & Humanities

The Department of Science & Humanities was established in the year 2010.

Department of Mathematics

The departments of Mathematics are at the fore-front of feeding basic mathematical methods and ideas to solve problems arising in engineering science and technology. It also promotes the appropriate and effective use of mathematical tools in profession of engineering.

Department of Physics

Understanding the basic concepts of physics forms the integral part of technical learning .In view of this, KCE has on it roles a band of qualified, committed and motivating faculty who not only teach but also demonstrate.

Department of Chemistry

This department constantly aims to provide a different hue to the technical curriculum and the main focus of engineering chemistry is to educate about a proper exploitation of natural resources, coupled with environmentally friendly exercise. With this perception the faculty aims to train everyone to have proper hands on exposure in the laboratory.

Department of English

English languages, of course, have become the indisputable common global medium for communication in the industries. It is therefore, no surprise that competency in communicate ability plays a vital role in seeking placements for young engineers.