Consultancy Development Centre of KCE has been set up for promotion, development and strengthening of consultancy skills and utilization of in-house capabilities to work on real time projects. The centre acts as a knowledge centre for professional services. The centre acts as a nucleus for interaction between KCE & industry by undertaking sponsored and funded research as well as consultancy projects. Consulting at KCE is viewed as a dynamic learning opportunity both for faculty & students. The consultancy provides an opportunity to the faculty to share its expertise & knowledge, besides giving exposure to faculty and student.

The Centre offers Consultancy services and Testing Facilities

  • Chemical Industry
  • Textile Processing Units
  • Tanneries
  • Material Manufacturing Units
  • Software Developement and Testing
  • ETP

Testing Facilities

  • Classification of soil/ Sand (Sieve analysis)
  • Concrete Cube
  • Compaction Test (Soil)
  • Gradation Test (Sand, Gravel, Clay)
  • Permeability Test
  • Determination of MDD and OMC for embankment construction works
  • Cohesion of Clay (remoulded clay)
  • Cements Test Sand : Specific Gravity
  • Bulking Sieve Analysis
  • Comprehensive Strength (Brick)
  • Atterberg Limits (Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Shrinkage Limit)
  • Consolidation / Swelling Test
  • Soil (Red Earth) Compaction Test
  • Water Test Ph only
  • Bearing Capacity of Soil- SPT Apparatus
  • Water absorption (Brick)
  • Bearing Capacity of Soil – SCPT
  • Steel Rod (Tensile Strength)
  • Jelly : [20 mm and 40 mm], Sieve Analysis, Impact Test, Abrasion Test, Specific Gravity, Crushing Strength

Chemical Supplements

Food and Feed Poultry, Cattle, Soya, Maize, Wheat etc.,
Bakery Products Wheat, Atta, Suji etc.,
Jaggery Jaggery
Water Raw Water, Effluent water, Treated Water, Bore Water, Boiled Feed Water, Portable Water, Swimming Pool Water.
Fertilizer Fertilizer, Micro Nutrients
Textiles Fibre,Yam, Fabric, Made-ups, Garments