The Industry Institution collaboration is a well-established setup of KCE for promoting and nurturing the Industry Linkages for the Institute.

Objectives and Mission

  • Promoting Industry linkages for the Institute to provide Industry exposure to the students to supplement their learning process as well as to the faculty to improve their teaching skills.
  • Facilitating Industry visits, In plant training , Industry Projects and Internships for students and training for faculty.
  • Encouraging lectures and coordinating the one credit courses delivered by the Industry experts.
  • Mentoring Innovative Student Open house projects for Patenting as well as for displaying in the Industry Exhibitions like INTEC.
  • Offering technical consultancy to the specific needs of the industries through individual departments as well as conducting Energy and Power Quality audits.
  • Offering courses on the latest technical developments (on-campus and off-campus) to Industries.
  • Providing testing facilities to various Industries.
  • Carrying out Research and Development activities in collaboration with industries.

The Centre provides opportunity to students to keep their academic studies inline with the Industrial development and latest innovation. It creates awareness to the students about the various industries and opportunities in it. It assists the students to carry out their projects, to participate in industrial exhibitions, seminars, workshops and to have interaction with industry people. This will make the students aware of the modern trend and latest technology used in industry.