Electrical Machines Laboratory

As per aicte norms, we have fully equipped machines lab with necessary apparatus. We provide the experimental skills to the students in the effective manner. It is used to expose the students to the operation of dc machines, transformers and ac machines. It will be useful to understand the theory subjects clearly.

Electrical Devices and Circuits Laboratory

As per AICTE norms we have required numbers of trainer kits with necessary apparatus. we teach them about the power electronics devices such as SCR,MOSFET,IGBT,etc characteristics and its application in rectifier ,inverter ,chopper and the students will have the potential to work in both electrical and electronics department.

Controls System and Instrumentation Laboratory

As per AICTE norms, we have latest designed trainer kits for measurement and instrumentation .our aim is to fortify the students with an adequate work experience in measurement of different quantities and also the expertise in handling the instruments involved and. And also we teach them about the basic concept of control theory used to provide the adequate control the system