CAD Centre (UG CAD Centre & PG CAD / CAM Centre)

At present the centres have 40 terminals, networked with three servers. Latest software in the CAD area have been purchased and continuously upgraded. The centre is kept open for the students up to 9 pm. This enables the students and faculty to learn the latest software and carryout the research works.

Thermal Engineering Related Laboratory

The thermal engineering laboratory is fully equipped with different types of IC engines like high speed and low speed engine with mechanical, electrical and eddy current loading arrangement, two air compressors, flash point &fire point apparatus , Saybolt and Redwood viscometers, Exhaust gas analyser, Engine Analyser and cut section models of two stroke and four stroke engines are also available.

Instrumentation and Metrology Laboratory

The Instrumentation and Metrology Laboratory exposes the students to sophisticated instruments, which form part of the modern quality-conscious industry. Surface roughness tester is other key equipment in the lab. Many students are using that to find the surface topology for their finished products. Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has been established in the year 2007 to enhance the research facility in the field of metrology.CMM is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object.

Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory

The dynamics Laboratory is equipped with modern equipments such as universal tensile testing machine (UTM – Electronic Tensometer), Creep load analysis machine, all rotary, static and dynamics vibration analysis equipments. The vibration setup is equipped with vibration Exciter, vibration pickup, accelerometer pickup, power amplifier, function generator and vibrations meters along with charge to voltage converter to read frequency, displacement and acceleration. The laboratory is also equipped with dynamic balancing machine for the rotating masses, journal bearing apparatus, static&dynamic balancing apparatus, determine the natural and actual frequency of various spring using spring mass apparatus, characterization of worm gear box using speed reducer, measurement of frequency (Damped and Undamped, Free and Forced), determination of moment of Inertia of connecting rod and fly wheel by Oscillation method, the frequency of rotor with shaft using single and two rotor system, determine the deflection and frequency of simple support beam setup and determine the critical speed of the shaft using whirring speed apparatus.

AICTE MODROBS sponsored vibration laboratory is equipped with vibration exciter, vibration pickup, accelerometer pickup, power amplifier, function generator and vibration meters along with frequency, displacement and acceleration.

Central Workshop

The Central Work shop complex with 1,000 m 2 area has Fitting, Carpentry, Welding, Smithy, Sheet Metal sections apart from Fabrication Section, wherein all in-house fabrications are made. Separate Foundry process and welding sections enable the students to get 'hands on' experience about Foundry Process and different welding methods. The workshop facilities and experiments promote parallel growth in theoretical and practical skills.

Lathe Section

The Lathe Shop has a number of KIRLOSHAR, HMT, PSG and MMM Lathes.

Special Machines Shop

The Special Machines Shop has Gear Hobbing Machine, Cylindrical and Surface Grinding Machines, apart from conventional Milling, Drilling, Planning, Shaping Slotting, Capstan Lathe and Tool & Cutter Grinder Machines.

Metallurgy laboratory

Metallurgy laboratory is equipped with disc polishing machine, sample preparation machine, microscopes to study the structure of mild steel, aluminium and copper samples. It is also equipped with 400X inverted microscope with camera to store the microstructure of the components in computer.

Heat Transfer laboratory

Heat transfer laboratory have conduction, convection and radiation equipments, refrigerators and air conditioners and emissivity measurement instruments. Computerised air-conditioning system and computerised refrigeration system sponsored by AICTE MODROBS is available. The heat transfer laboratory have energy auditing equipments like flue gas analyser, moisture meter, hotwire anemometer,pH meterand Thermal Imager to conduct energy audit in various industries.

Automobile Laboratory

The automobile laboratory is equipped with automobile components, fuel injection systems, multi cylinder engine, carburetors, clutches, transmission gearboxes, differential, braking and suspension systems.

Renewable Energy laboratory

The Renewable energy laboratory is equipped with Solar photovoltaic training and research system, Solar thermal training system, solar concentrator training system and wind energy training system.

Research laboratory

The Research laboratory is equipped with micro Vickers hardness tester, inverted metallurgical microscope, auto polishing machine, abrasive cutting machine, specimen mounting machine, ultra-sonicator, muffle furnace and mechanical hydraulic press for research activities.